DJ testimonial

"After having the chance to listen to Deep Sonic's latest album as it was recorded, I was eager to get the real thing and incorporate it in my set. The vinyl found its way into my crate one summer night, when I was playing a Tibetan Freedom party at a mountainside Buddhist retreat in upstate New York. Early in the morning, crisp mountain air, the stars in the sky above, miles from civilization, a gathering of dancers eager for new beats, and Deep Sonic provided."

+N.A.T. X (Naturally Acrobatic Turntablist times 10)

Not My Boss...

I synched an ad and all I got was this stupid commercial. Didn't happen, but still worth a look. The file is 15 meg. You'll be fine.


  • Thomas Foyer co-wrote (with Alfred H. of Music-Beast) the music to the Tanqueray "Iceburg" commercial that's been playing on TV. Very smooth...and you can see it at
  • Mediaguide tracking service has reported that "Boots" was played on CBS TV on March 10th and NBC TV on March 15th. It would be nice to get video or audio copy, or at least information. (episode, time, anything)
  • "For Your Love", by Angelux (Thomas Foyer's project - is in constant rotation on Radio FG, Paris, France. That song is getting lots of DJ support...
  • Polina (featured in Feeling Safe) has signed with VAM, in addition to working on numerous exciting projects. Some really good things are headed her way...
  • Angelux (Thomas Foyer's project) is on the editor's picks list at for electronica/dance. Go Thomas!!!
  • Freedom Bremner is in the studio longtime. Can't wait to hear what he's been up to...


The latest U.S. radio plays according to the Mediaguide ( tracking service.

   KCSB x2
   KNRJ x2
   KSCU x3
   KSER x2
   KSJS x2
   KSYM x2
   KTCL x6
   KXUA x3
   WCSB x2
   WFMU x3
   WKTU x5
   WRGP x2
   WRUV x3
   WRUW x5
   WPRK x2
   WTCC x3
   WTRB x2
   KSCU x2
   WMSE x2