Deep Sonic Bio.


Deep Sonic is an independent act, founded by Michael Rais, with the idea of creating original and accessible electronic music in collaboration with various artists.

Michael's interest in electronica music has a long history, starting with 10 years of musical training in the classical and jazz styles.   However, it was during his studies in High School that he began to develop an interest in the groundbreaking work of early electronica artists such as Vangelis, Tomita, and Jarre.  

Soon enough, he discovered and was enthralled by the underground house scene that was growing in New York in the late 80's.   It started simply enough, with an infatuation for a radio station playing music unlike anything he had heard before.  The music was recognizable by its deep throbbing beat and electronic sounds that seemed to have been invented on another world for the sole purpose of increasing heart rates and jacking bodies.  

From that point on Michael was hooked, and it became apparent that sooner or later he would claim membership to the tribe of those that made this new form of music, no matter how long it took, or the effort involved.

From the beginning, it was intended for the album to be more than a solo creation.   With that in mind, Michael found producer Thomas Foyer, and after discussing the project with him at length Michael realized that working with Thomas was going to take Deep Sonic even deeper and farther than Michael had dared to imagine.

Thus, Deep Sonic hit the studio, with writer and producer applying themselves obsessively to creating the best tracks possible.   The audio adventures were many, and along the way Michael and Thomas got some seriously talented folks to help out with feature performances, lending a varying vocal flavor to the album.

The Deep Sonic debut 'limited edition' album represents the best of everyone, and luckily has turned out great...


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